Wealth Management

Most people spend a lifetime running their business or working as an employee for a company. They often spend large portions of their time and energy ensuring that they maximise their income to the greatest possible extent, while spending very little time or energy in organising what happens to their hard earned money. Of course most of these earnings are used up in meeting everyday living expenses but a lot of accumulated savings are invested inefficiently, making others rich on your money.

We firmly believe that most people can benefit to some extent from a financial review, often finding new ways to organise their affairs that will increase the level of wealth that will be available to them as they go through their lives and eventually retire. We offer a full no obligations financial review that is entirely client focused. This means that we listen to what the client wants or desires and suggest to them the best way that they might achieve their goals. A report will be issued in each case and the client will be free to deal with another independent financial services provider following their meeting with us.

Any recommendations we make will be of a general nature with no direction to any specific financial product or financial institution. If clients do require specific recommendations we are happy to recommend our sister company Classic Financial Services Ltd, a company with 22 years experience in the pension consultancy, life assurance and investments industry.